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Benny and Sharon Tan have dedicated their lives to serving God, raising a Godly family and pastoring churches.

Wherever they go, they build faith, impart vision, inspire leaders, and mobilize believers to live for the cause of Jesus Christ.

Benny and Sharon were married in 1975. They have six adult children, seven grandchildren, and counting. They love life and live to lead a Godly legacy.


Benny and Sharon are both inspirational, faith-building speakers.

Benny is a unique communicator with a cheeky sense of humour. He is both entertaining and inspiring. Benny has a passion to encourage you to live your best life in Christ Jesus.

Sharon has a unique ability to locate people’s hearts and speak God’s word directly into their lives. Sharon translates Biblical truths into transformational lifestyle principles that empower generational change. She also frequently speaks on Christian radio.

Together and individually Benny and Sharon are received well by all ages and cultures.



Benny and Sharon write with you in mind. Their personal stories threaded with life strategies will empower and equip you to live a fulfilling personal life.

You will enjoy reading their encouraging books.


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